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Learn what California Business Bank's Virtual Vault Smart Safe can do for your Business

Get Started with the Smart Safe Solution. The Safe with a CBB Branch inside – a safer way to do business.

Improving your cash handling processes is easy when you partner with an expert team like the California Business Bank. If you have been managing cash entirely by yourself, it’s very possible that you have been missing opportunities to save money and maximize your profit. There is no reason to gamble like this – trust your assets with the pros.

Same-Day Deposits: Using our Smart Safe solution means night’s cash receipts are in your account the next business morning.

Keeping you and your employees safe: Instead of daily trips to the bank or dropping off your deposits in a typical drop box, use our Smart Safe for your cash handling processes.

Put Time back in your day: Cash Vault helps safeguard your employees and your deposits. All armored car deliveries are scheduled around your business requirements.

Banking Professionals: Our banking professionals can give you advice on managing cash and how to streamline your business banking with the Smart Safe solution.

Provisional Credit: Get same day credit for your deposits in our Smart Safe.

Putting a Branch in your Business: There is no need to visit your branch when we can put a branch inside your business with our Smart Safe and online banking technologies.

Local Resources: Utilize our local banking resources to help you build a trustworthy banking relationships

Want to know more? Once you complete the contact form, one of our Virtual Vault experts will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you soon.

Online Banking Products: With our online banking products you can immediately track your streamlined cash deposit progress and see your entire portfolio at the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have questions about our Smart Safe Technology? If our FAQ’s do not answer your questions then let us know and we can answer for you in person or over the phone.

When cash is deposited into the vault, does it show in my account immediately?
Provisional credit is available which provides access to funds the next business day. Traditional credit would be subject to pick up time and verification by courier.
Do my fees change based on how much I deposit?
No! We offer flat rate, all-inclusive pricing for virtual vault clients. The Smart Safe solution maximizes the amount of money you get to keep with your cash handling processes, no matter how much you deposit.
What cash monitoring features come with the vault?
All streamlined cash deposits can be monitored at the convenience of the administrator via the online portal.
Do I have the ability to change my cash pick up schedule to accommodate seasonal cash flow?
Yes, all pickups can be arranged through armored courier to ensure that your money is moved whenever it is most convenient for you.
Does the vault accommodate coin?
Yes, we have a variety of safe models to accommodate cash and coin.
Do I need to purchase the safe to utilize the service?
Safes for managing cash can be purchased or rented.

Contact a Virtual Smart Safe Expert at California Business Bank

Have questions about the technology or about how to set up your Virtual Vault? Our staff is friendly and ready to help you with every step of the process. Reach out to us now using our online contact form.